ABLIC Launches the S-82Y1B Series of 1-cell Battery Protection ICs with the Upgraded World’s Highest (*1) Charge-discharge Overcurrent Detection Voltage Accuracy of ±0.5mV (*2)

Combine Industry’s Top Class Fast Charging with Even Better Safety

2022-10-04 10:00 출처: ABLIC Inc.

TOKYO--(뉴스와이어) 2022년 10월 04일 -- ABLIC (President: Nobumasa Ishiai, head office: Minato-ku, Tokyo hereinafter “ABLIC”), a group company of MinebeaMitsumi Inc., today launched the S-82Y1B Series of 1-cell battery protection ICs with the world’s highest (*1) charge-discharge overcurrent detection voltage accuracy of ±0.5mV (*2).

The new S-82Y1B Series of 1-cell lithium-ion battery protection ICs launched today is the upgraded version of our S-82P1 Series. The new ICs (1) raise the charge-discharge overcurrent detection voltage accuracy from ±0.75mV of the S-82P1 Series to the world’s highest accuracy of ±0.5mV and suppress overcurrent detection variations while lowering current detection resistance, (2) provide three-stage discharge overcurrent protection, each stage of which ensures the industry’s top class accuracy capable of reducing abnormal current to an even safer level, and (3) also boast the industry’s top class overcharge detection voltage accuracy of ±15mV.

These features enable the ICs to suppress heat generation in the protection circuit board even as the charge current increases. Their capability to reduce abnormal current to a safer level and their high accuracy overcharge detection significantly contribute to greater product safety. A full lineup allows us to provide customers with the products they are looking for.

(*1) Based on our research as of October 2022
(*2) 33% lower than our previous products

Major Features

1. The new ICs achieve the world’s highest charge-discharge overcurrent detection voltage accuracy of ±0.5mV!
2. Three-stage discharge overcurrent protection assures greater safety!
3. An overcharge detection voltage accuracy of ±15mV places these ICs in the industry’s high-accuracy top class!

Application Examples
Lithium-ion rechargeable battery packs, lithium polymer rechargeable battery packs

Examples of products using these ICs
Smartphones, tablet PCs, smartwatches, etc.

S-82Y1B Series Product Details


This product has been certified as a MinebeaMitsumi Group “Green Product” for its outstanding contribution to the environment.

Photos/Multimedia Gallery Available: https://www.businesswire.com/news/home/52922808/en

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